photo of VickyI read all about your Yawn Machine and found it fascinating and yawned about 20 times.......and felt good! I will definitely be passing your web site to others to read. – Vicky Ross

A message of thanks to you for making the yawn sessions available on YouTube. I first tried your online session 4 years ago on an issue involving my sister, in which it took me until recently to realize, "oh, that issue that used to torture me hasn't bothered me ever since", so I have been rubbing and yawning my way to mental health. I am finding the process to be miraculous, and it seems a great way to generate realizations and conclusions on these issues as well. I am so very thankful. – Harold L, Oregon. [2011-1-6 email]

I've just visited www.yawnmachine.com and tried it out. Yawned a fair amount, and feel really very energised now. – Michael McCartney

I have had much pleasure reading through your fabulous and unique website and have just completed the whole program including the audio auditor with great results. It took me 48 minutes and now I'm relieved I have an answer to my question that I have [been] struggling with for the last 3 months. Thanks heaps for sharing your talents. I have been really struggling with the issue and was thinking of seeking some professional assistance and now I won't need to bother. Thank you so much. – Josie Ruberto

Paul is so good at writing his information and getting the person to relax into a state of letting go. The process is non invasive and easily moves you into an altered state. – Eileen Fairbane

photo of RehanI've visited yawnmachine.com and tried it some few days back. I got pleasure to read through your fantastic machine. Although it took me more than an hour but after this I was relieved. I am thankful to Paul for sharing his ability. Most possible that I will try it for another time. Thank you!. – Rehan Rafique

I found your robot quite valuable to me....Although the long term effects of yesterday's use of your robot remain to be seen, I would say that after doing it I did not have socks on. (Also I did not before starting, but that is literally not important here...) (I have often wondered about that phrase "knock your socks off"). Thanks for making that process available online. Good karma for you. – Jim Cline 2006-08-08

Testimonials/comments re YouTube videos

YouTube comments:

youtube avatar very helpful – handcuffshurt 13/9/07

'Yawns discharge stress'. I can see clerical workers coming to work and starting the day with their daily 'Rub and Yawn' right on their computer. – ckpeltomaa 14/9/07

that was great! more please! – ScientologyWisdom 16/9/07

Brilliant Paul just brilliant. Keep up the fantastic videos. Your a natural......I can [see] people waking up to feeling good about themselves and life just by working with your video. – Yakaday 11/10/07

this does work for me usually but i find when im really super stressed your voice is oddly relaxing thanks! – SaluteToTheSeagulls 17/2/08

youtube avatar awesome, thank you so much, this realy helped me – shbunie 24/2/08

Who is this guy? He's absolutely brilliant! Fantastic, absolutely wonderful, practical video. – jlandles 28/2/08

great! – dougmurray27 ("Your body" video) 4/08

thank you Paul :-) – dougmurray27 (Confessional video) 4/08

youtube avatar This is great stuff, thankx yawn guy. – craig mcf (R&Y #1 video) 15/4/08

This is absolutely great stuff. – craig mcf (Confessional video) 27/4/08

It worked!!! :) Thank you very much :) – 823648926 (R&Y #1 video) 17/10/08

youtube avatar This worked for me so much. I cant thank you enough man. – Andy Shehata (R&Y #1 video) 2012

youtube avatar I love this video! Thank you so much! – Desirae Hatcher (R&Y #1 video) 2012

youtube avatar i think u just saved my life – wheresmyfun (R&Y #1 video) 2012

youtube avatar Soooooo, helpful, thank you! – monroe444444 (R&Y #1 video) 2015

youtube avatar This was really great! For whatever reason, I had a massive burst of productivity after doing a session. Must have released something.... – Linda Hurst (R&Y #1 video) 2015

Message Board posts in this thread and others

I just ran that session and blew charge [i.e. harmful mental energy]! I remembered how much I love auditing [i.e. getting sessions]! Thanks, Paul!! – Alanzo 14/9/07

Not fair! I went right through without a single yawn. After 'End of Session', now I can't stop. – Royal Prince Xenu 14/9/07

Have to say - it's been a long time since I've [discharged] any charge that way. I drove to the post office feeling calm and 'more [here]'. And this is Alanzo talking!!!! – Alanzo 14/9/07

I just ran a session and the yawning was great. – Gnosis 15/9/07

That was really cool Paul! It really relaxed me and I had a really nice [realization] at the end. Right then, you said 'end of session' I think I am gonna have a great day. Thank you!! – Bea Kiddo 15/9/07

I had a VERY hectic day at work (had to work today!!! blech). But I was totally calm all day. Makes me wanna do that more often. It really relaxed me, which is saying A LOT, cause I am hyper. Thank you so much. – Bea Kiddo 15/9/07

Paul, not bad and it was free. – Romuva 16/9/07

That was great. I look forward to more. I'm still yawning and eyes watering profusely... – Bjφrkist 16/9/07

Things were happening and then just as the session was about to end Paul said to get the incident from another's viewpoint and a [lot] of grief hit me in the face. I carried on for another 10-15 minutes and felt the charge rising on the tone scale. I'll try another session on the same topic later. Many thanks for this Paul. You've got something useful and workable here. – tanstaafl 2/10/07

I tried it last night, it was fun, thanks Paul. – chipallina 3/10/07

I just tried Rub and Yawn (the first video). Very cool, even for a cranky old cynic like me. – Jimmy Cricket 6/10/07

I haven't been in session for a very long time. I felt quite relaxed after the short session, and more uptone. [Big relief]. Big smile on my face. Now I remember why I liked auditing [i.e. getting sessions] so much. Rub and Yawn is a nice, simple technique. A wonderful help flow. – Jimmy Cricket 7/10/07

Well, I did it weeks ago and ran the death of someone who was very close. Probably one of the few who really loved me (as family). I still feel calm and stable from that session. Thank you Paul. – Bea Kiddo 7/10/07

I'll recommend Paul's Robot auditor. – [Message Board post] Vinaire 18/9/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (False Data Stripping)

If one is going to FDS, I agree with Vin, do it on your own with Paul's robot auditor or simply read up on the subject. – [Message Board post] nexus100 19/9/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (False Data Stripping)

Hi Paul, I just tried your Rub & Yawn procedure for the first time. Love it. That's a fantastic way to restore energy. Thanks for that. – [Message Board post] Gottabrain 28/12/10 re Rub & Yawn

The Yawn Guy

photo of Paulphoto of PaulFor the free personalized online stress-release sessions, look in the right column.

Hi. I'm Paul Adams - The Yawn Guy.

I have many free applications online that will deliver personalized stress-release sessions to you. By "personalized" I mean each session will cover what you most want to address. You can have as many sessions as you wish.

My LibriVox Page    Details and some videos of my free recordings of public domain audiobooks

The basic procedure in each application is called Rub & Yawn, and is covered both in a basic YouTube video (see column on the right) and at www.yawnmachine.com. If you want to see what it is all about, try the YouTube video first. It contains both a session for you and a demonstration and explanation of the simple procedure. The Yawn Machine is a text version of the procedure, that you can use anywhere you wish, without need for a computer once you know how to do it. There are many testimonials on this page about how good Rub & Yawn is. Take a look and see for yourself.

photo of LinaI kept yawning the whole week - it does work! It is very interesting experience actually, as soon as I start yawning I feel much better in a couple of minutes and I keep smiling, can not explain why, just happens! – Lina Bourdon

If you were involved with one of the live group sessions I have run on Skypecast, or at a business presentation, and want to get an immediate session that is more personalized, go to the interactive PaulsRobot. This "robot" facilitator is available free of charge 24/7.

I just wanted to tell you that I did a session with the robot today and WOW is all I can say. It really did work. I was skeptical I will admit, but I was very pleased. – JH

If you want to contact me you can e-mail me at stress.consultant at gmail.com. I rarely chat on Skype, so if I declined your connection request there it was nothing personal.

I just wanted to give an update on my first session with the robot auditor that I did last weekend. I audited an issue that was very personal and private, and hoped that it would help things get better. Today, I realized just how much of a difference I have seen in just a few short days since my hour long session. Totally amazing. – JH

Testimonials I can publish on the relevant site are always appreciated. If you have benefited from using one of my Rub & Yawn procedures, such as at The Yawn Machine; or the PaulsRobot3 site or free download; or from a live group session, and you would like to submit a testimonial, please e-mail it to stress.consultant at gmail.com. I will include a photo and a link to your website if you like. Please include a [genuine!] full name and town/state or province/country if you can.

photo of LyndaA quick try of the Yawn Machine certainly proved its worth even in that short time. Definitely going to try it again and will probably do so on a fairly regular basis. Thank you! – Lynda Cookson

My Yawn and Grow Rich course, based on the famous Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is now online at www.yawnandgrowrich.com. The course makes it easier to apply exactly the principles for success isolated by Napoleon Hill after 25 years of careful research interviewing the greatest men of his day. The course addresses various mental barriers of yours that are hindering you from understanding and applying these principles, and deals with them at the point when you become aware of them. For example, you will be reminded to use a new technique called Yes‑No Yawning to discharge emotional rejection from reactions such as "Oh, I couldn't possibly do that!" when the author (Hill) tells you to do something that he has found will help you achieve your dreams.

Why am I giving all this away for free? (At least, free of cost although not free of effort.) Part of it is for research. The rest of it is that I have a mission. :)

Wonderful ways to fix and unfix attention and to gradiently get the person familiar with the differences between - spirit - mind - body - and the physical universe. Plus the price is right. Well done! – Alan C. Walter (in a post to a message board).

photo of PatriciaI had a look at your web site and as I touched things and yawned the problem became more distant. Because I could disassociate then I could solve the problem fairly easily. – Patricia Irvine

photo of JanetI have been yawning all day. What a great way to start a day! I can't wait to tell others about you. – Janet Bronte

photo of LeeI had a chance to look at your website and tried out the yawn machine - I'm very impressed! If nothing else, it has got me thinking about the times and circumstances every time I yawn - which helps me understand a bit more about myself! Very effective! – Lee Lam 21/10/07

photo of SaravjitI visited www.yawnmachine.com and tried out your technique. It is brilliant and it works! It is fascinating to be connected to a soul who is contributing so much to all of us and helping us relieve the residual poison of modern life - personal stress. – Saravjit Singh

More testimonials

Only 40 minutes and I discharged an age old stress I was carrying around. Reminds me a bit of NLP. Thanx for putting this up on the web! – Samvado Gunnar Kossatz

[This] has become even more mysterious. The problem I was auditing was about relationship patterns of mine. One very important person regarding this pattern I had tried to get in contact with (to clear things up) for 10 years now asking everybody I thought could help including web-searches etc. without success. She mailed me about 5 hours after I finished the audit. Blew my socks off! – Samvado Gunnar Kossatz 2006-10-(16?)

[The Yawn Machine]
Will do it again and ask my wife to try it as well. – JW Hanley, Mount Holly, NC, USA

I am getting bound energy of neurosis discharged, little by little. The tears are rolling and other energy is moving around. Something is very resistive, and suppressed, it will only come up a small discharge at a time. There must be a lot of neurosis on top of it all, as I still get a lot of different items discharging. – Gerald

Regaining of feeling free. – A, Utrecht, Nederland 2012-07-26

I feel better and calm, easy to get things done. This is what I needed. – Dino Armendariz, Carlsbad, NM 2013-03-08

This works . . . Paul, definitely a breakthrough. – Ben Roets, Durban, S. Africa 2013-07-18

More Message Board posts

Paul This is really good stuff. Easy to use & applicable to all but the most disturbed people with little risk of leaving someone in an upset. Excellent. – Headend 7/10/07

Thanks, this stuff is great. I had a session yesterday, using the text version, not the video. Earlier-similar incidents to quite a ways back, [realization], released charge. Still grinning today. Co-workers are looking at me funny this morning wondering why I have a [big] grin and joking about everything. – Jimmy Cricket 10/10/07

Paul, I wasn't doing well today, down tone and some heavy physical [pains/sensations] going on. This evening I discovered your heavy duty page and decided (reluctantly) to try this with the Reach & Withdraw on the area I though all the crap might be coming from. It started off pretty unchanging at first then slowly a lot of physical phenomena turned on, yawning with runny nose and eyes. It slowly flattened off after about 10-12 minutes...it took my attention off the case and body and brought me up tone a bit. Good result I would say. I'm definitely looking forward to trying the six way stuff when I'm more sessionable. I found it very easy to use and the setting of your own pace was a real pleasure....I very much appreciate the work you're putting into this very original idea, I think you will end up helping a lot of people. – marty 10/10/07

Paul, your robot auditor and Rub & Yawn techniques are GREAT!!! Coming from a w**ker like me, that's probably not the endorsement you are looking for, but really, this is the best stuff I have run across in years. – Jimmy Cricket 14/10/07

More Successes

It seems you have been able to put together a very powerful yet almost idiot proof process that is easily used to address anything. The yawning etc. (charge) I was able to access & release was amazing, it just kept coming. Once I got used to mocking up the issue newly before placing it above me, I found this to be a significant improvement, new thoughts emotions etc. were definitely now included & I found heaps more stuff that had previously been unconscious. I found more [people] to include & soon saw where I had done the same to others & then how I had done the same to myself. Great stuff. – Peter Green, Australia 11/10/07

Very interesting, and it works for sure! – Rimma Kukarkin 14/10/07 re Paul's Robot Auditor (HeavyDuty)

I have now a tool to release harmful energy, directly. I must say I feel powerful. – Angelique Wessel 10/1/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor

Great for someone who is alone and in need of assistance! – TD 15/2/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor

Still smiling from the session. Totally VVGI's [very very good indicators] – R 24/3/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (R3X)

This was great! Thanks Yawnguy!! – Robert 3/5/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (HeavyDuty)

Quickly felt empowered – rh 3/5/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (HeavyDuty)

Feel freed up and happy – Earl 5/5/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (HeavyDuty)

Took another longstanding negative thought form, and let go of many aspects of it that had actually acted like glue but I had never taken a look at before. It was extremely freeing. I feel very empowered that I never have to get stuck in that mind trap again! AWESOME STUFF!! – Robert 8/5/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (HeavyDuty)

I’ve been wanting to diet without success for at least 18 months until I combined it with the robot auditor, each time I dieted the hunger overcame me and I had to grab a bite, now that I’m using the robot auditor I’m more in control of my feelings and emotions and can handle the urge to eat, for the first time in over a year I feel like I really am loosing weight and that I really am on a diet, this all started the day I started not too shabby power with Pauls robot. Thanks so much for this gift – [Message Board post] Chipallina 17/5/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (NotTooShabbyPower)

I straightened out 2 major things in my life in just 2 sessions that I had been carrying around with me for 20 & 10 years. – Chris S 24/5/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (Core)

Feeling very calm...Recommend this to anyone. – cmc 24/5/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor (HeavyDuty)

Thanks for having such a great resource! This was my first Paul's Robot session, and it was far less expensive than my auditing in the CoS. Not only that, it was more effective than much of it. My havingness really got stomped on, and now that I'm more aware of that, I can take better care of myself. – DM 21/8/08 re Paul's Robot Auditor

I like Paul's Robot. Fun. – [Message Board post] thetanic 28/9/08

I tried it and found it very effective! :) – [Message Board post] Panda Termint 15/7/09

I've done rub and yawn. It was really nice. It was very valuable to me. – [Message Board post] Alanzo 17/7/09

I like the rub and yawn vids – [Message Board post] michaelangelo 26/7/09

I have enjoyed all the work you have done. The Robot Auditor was very creative, the Rub & Yawn is very useful and it really works. Sometimes I just rub my hands when I am tired in the morning and the yawns come in, suddenly I am awake and revitalized. Thank you for you contributions!!! – [Message Board post] Camille M. 26/7/09

Thanks Paul. I want to tell you I love those videos. – [Message Board post] ocean12 28/7/09

I (quite sheepishly) tried Paul Adams' "Rub and Yawn" technique and found myself grinning like an idiot and quite a bit less bugged by the issue I'd dealt with afterward. . – [Message Board post] beltway 2012-04-02

I once used Paul's "Rub & Yawn" intro video to thrash apart some emotion that was very close to present time, and it surprised me with its effectiveness. It left me blown out and floating on air for about 48 hours. Besides easing my mind, it gave me a taste of an amazing, unimpaired high. The feeling faded out, but it felt like the job had been done, and I wasn't too worried about trying to recapture it. – [Message Board post] dB8008' 2012-10-04

I've tried Paul's Robot several times. At first I thought it was a very elaborate (and funny) joke, but was surprised to see that it actually works. – [Message Board post] pineapple 2012-10-14

photo of Paul I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your rub and yawn technique. I have always rather severe bouts of depression but once I made an effort to use the technique to release it regularly I feel it comes far less frequently. Thanks so much. – [Facebook message] Paul J. Salerno 2012-10-27

photo of Little Bro I continue to be a big fan of PaulsRobot. I have tried various sessions online and personally attest to its effectiveness. – [Facebook message] Little Bro 2012-11-21

Now that was interesting! Kind of felt like a dose of morphine when it was finished. It really did seem to help with the problem that was bothering me. – [Message-board post] Tamlin 2013-09-17 re Yawnguy YouTube video

I use PaulsRobot a lot and I find it awesome! – [Message-board post] kate8024 2014-02-22

More After-Session Reports

I feel great!! Wow !! Was a great session! Handled a few things and rather quickly. I feel much better, and freer. – RH, Denver, CO [Core] 2010-02-21

Brilliant. This really works! Wish I would have found this sooner! – Ronnie, Southern CA [Core] 2010-12-17

Love the Core module, as well as the CCHs. Can't wait for the Expanded Grade 0 module! – M.M., Colorado 2012-07-16 [Objectives]

Works perfectly, now I have a whole new game to play!!! Paul Edward Barber, Seattle, WA [Rog] 2013-02-13

I think that I have changed for the better, this actually made me think about my situation in a slightly different perspective. Darkfury, Rockland, ME 2013-01-02 [Rogerian from RoboCounsellor]




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High-Quality Goodies

Free sessions for you

("Free" means free of charge, but a session is not at all free of effort. It is not a bit like watching TV. A session is a short period of time when you can discharge stress, either momentary stress or long-term stress)

photo of DaveYour yawning techniques are great! Far too many people are stagnant and this gets everything moving again. – Dave Sunerton-Burl

>>>Free basic 10-minute video session

photo of Nimsy I watched your [Rub & Yawn] youtube video, which I found amazing. I went along and did the technique while you were explaining it, and found that the problem I was working on unblocked and cleared. I definitely found the [Rub & Yawn] technique useful and will be using it again. – Nimsy Sleep Tips
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Feel free to put a copy of these session videos on your own websites (click on the "menu" button in the lower right corner of the YouTube screen).

photo of Clifford Paul, you are brilliant. Just tried your Rub and Yawn tech. Got it going after doubts at start. Laughed an awful lot as well, felt very good and free. – Clifford Taylor 6/6/10

>>>The Yawn Machine
Online since 2006, this is the basic Rub & Yawn procedure you can apply to yourself anywhere at any time to discharge acute or residual stress.

The Yawn Machine renews my awareness and has kept me healthy. I've moved from a dreamy state to an alert one within a couple of hours of starting. I've also recommended the YM to several family members and they have had similar successes when they've tried it. I've found that this is good a couple of days before a major test, event, or when I'm studying. – Stephen Von Hatten, Pismo Beach, CA, USA

Online 24/7 since August 2006, PaulsRobot will deliver a structured interactive session to you. It can discharge either acute or residual stress. This is the most versatile free online Rub & Yawn application, but you need to have had some successful sessions with the procedure first, usually from the main YouTube video or text version, The Yawn Machine.

PaulsRobot3 is an updated version of PaulsRobot, available since late 2011. It works in the same way, except that you can also download the entirety of the website and all the different procedures and session modules (10 at last count) to your own computer. All free of charge. You can get the single sip file containing the whole lot from the downloads page, tab on the front page.

I did a session with your robot and I found it most valuable if correctly done. Within an hour it helped me in gaining much more control over mental pictures. The amazing thing is that this produced lasting tangible effects in everyday life: some unwanted automatic reactions have completely disappeared! Thank you very much for this tool! – Nico, Italy

Launched in October 2009, this new website continued the free or very low-cost computer-assisted counselling paradigm in which the entire session is delivered by computer (to a human client!). RoboCounsellor delivered almost solely sessions based on conventional counselling modalities, like Rogerian therapy, Transactional Analysis or Tabletop Psychodrama. This has now been discontinued as a standalone site, with most of the modules now included with the PaulsRobot3 ones.

>>>Free podcast audio sessions

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>>>Free custom build-your-own audio sessions
These are all the elements needed for you to make your own workable session templates, custom-made to suit your personal preferences. There are pages that explain each element (an element might be a particular set of commands), and you would download maybe a dozen elements in the form of mp3 audio files to your personal mp3 player. You can then use them anywhere you are able to play your mp3 player to give yourself a session.

Yawnguy Custom Audio Sessions

Paul with sign in Newcastle>>>Free street sessions in Newcastle City Centre
In May 2008, I experimented with doing street sessions on Northumberland Street around lunchtime. I set up a fairly loud PA Unit on a tripod, and either ran the session live or used a recorded repeating script. There were about 70-100 people a minute walking by, and they were in earshot for maybe 40 seconds, so the idea was to impinge in this time frame with a useful technique. I also carried a large sign on a pole in the vicinity and if not doing a live session was available to answer questions. Details here. I don't know if I will ever do it again – you never know!

Free course

>>>This is a revolutionary COURSE! It works better if you have read the course book beforehand (the famous Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill). No cost, but this is far more work than a session. The course is so good it even has its own domain at www.yawnandgrowrich.com.
Yawn and Grow Rich Course

Using this web site I felt a definite release of negativity. – WH

Paid sessions

photo of group session>>>One hour group stress-release presentation
This is a presentation for any size of group, such as company employees or seminar attendees, with an introduction; a 30 minute group session; a questions/answers period; and closing remarks. [Now discontinued]

Total focus on a relationship issue helped to move it forward. Didn't yawn but felt the issue change and the tension release, very calm at this time. – (Group session) Peter Thompson, 10/2/08

Image became intangible and floated around. The time-shift was a really powerful feeling. – (Group session) G.R., 10/2/08

>>>One-to-one sessions
[Now discontinued]

The subject doesn't get me mad anymore, doesn't give me a bad feeling anymore. I can fully confront it now without bad feelings about it. – Bram Janssen

photo of GuyInteresting technique - I found it relaxing and energising. – Guy Tweedale

I must tell you, I stumbled on your yawn guy site and checked out the yawn video. I have been depressed and have severe anxiety for the past few years. Your video really helped me. I was amazed that it worked. I felt this serene, genuinely happy feeling after finishing, something that I had not experienced in quite a while. I felt light, like a cloud and not anxious at all, for around 3 days after doing it, I actually laughed a lot and felt genuinely happy, after doing it the first time. It was a total Godsend. I definitely felt more at peace for around 3 days. Then I went on the internet and looked up negative stuff and slumped back a little into my depression and anxiety, but then I checked out the video again and it helped me. I was amazed at how much the theory behind it made sense. I was having trouble controlling my mental pictures, I kept seeing negative things in my mind all the time. I felt like the world was against me or something, and nobody was friendly, but I guess it was me thinking that people were gonna give me experiences that I had experienced in the past, in the present. Thank you so much for the video, I was more there after doing it. – [Message Board post] Lemuria 10/5/08

I tried the "Rub and Yawn" and it worked without question. It also provided a visceral idea of the relationship of body to spirit, valuable to me both spiritually and artistically. – [Message Board post] nexus100 31/7/08

[T]his [Rub & Yawn video] had me feeling as light as a cloud for days...I was just feeling vibrant from the inside, very happy, like the weight of the world I had been carrying around dissipated...It was a priceless, euphoric feeling...I had gone for so long feeling immense stress 24/7, and the after effect was the most genuine, serene, happy feeling I have ever felt or recall feeling. It was like I could once again experience the way I saw the world as a carefree happy child, very in control of my thoughts. – [Message Board post] Pocky 29/8/08; a member of AboveTopSecret.com in the thread Stress releasing video. What a godsend.

WOW thanks a lot I am feeling better. – [Message Board post] Spike Spiegle 3/9/08; a member of AboveTopSecret.com in the thread Stress releasing video. What a godsend.

Against my better judgment, around 4 months ago ... I had a session with you Paul. And it was brilliant ...One of the better ones I have ever had ... – [Message Board post] I told you I was trouble 2/11/08

It discharged so much emotion.....Someone hurt me badly and I mean really badly. THANK YOU SO MUCH – JT, Connecticut, USA 4/10/09 re The Yawn Machine

photo of Nicholas Great Stuff! I wish I had found out about this kind of thing many years ago. The Core Rub & Yawn process works wonders. When done correctly the results are amazing. – Nicholas Cope, Shropshire, UK 19/6/10 re PaulsRobot

I have really appreciated the service. Couldn't have gotten through this stressful year without the Rub & Yawn. – PaulsRobot Subscriber 7/6/11

I've been using your Robot [Facilitator] for years and find it very useful, thanks! – PaulsRobot User 19/12/11

WOW - Really great session. I'm always amazed at how well these robot sessions work! Made some nice break throughs, and insights. Feeling much better! Restored enthusiasm for work!! – Robert, Denver, Colorado USA 2012-04-14 re PaulsRobot Ruds module